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Gym Renegade Duran vests are made from 90% Breathable Cotton 10% Polyester. This Gym Renegade Stringer Top is a Sleeveless Vest which offers maximum comfort without compromising on style. A reliable, high quality classic cut Stringer. 100% Money Back Guarantee.
£ 20.20
Nails Inc's Product Line Is Formulated With The Latest Professional Technologies, Boasting A Portfolio Of More Than 150 Colours And Special Effects. Known For Catwalk Colour, Fashion Collaborations, Innovative Special Effects, Immaculate Professional Manicures And Pedicures
£ 17.40
1.Tuning Item: Chromatic, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele

2.Turn 360 degree freely

3.High Precise Detection and sensitive vibration clip

4.Clear View with a LCD screen and backlight

5.A4 Calibration: 440Hz

6.Detection Range: A0 (27.5Hz)- C8 (4186.00Hz)

7.Power Supply: 3v (CR2032)

8.Picks are made with celluloid material which is a favorite with players.

9.Feather pick holders with excellent workmanship and clever design.

Package included:

1* Anpro Guitar Tuner

1* picks holder

4* 0.46mm picks

4* 0.71mm picks

4* 0.96mm picks

1* CR2030 battary

£ 14.42

14 Pieces correction gel filter overlays transparency color film plastic sheets gel lighting filters, 7 different colors

Assorted colors:
7 Different colors, which can meet your needs easily and can be combined to generate different effects, easy to cut the size you need, very useful in the daily life.

Wide usage:
They can help kids reduce reading frustration, improve clarity and eye movement control, can serve as covers of memory albums, scrapbooks and other art projects, also fit for light filters for film, video, photo, stage, party and so on.

Material: plastic
7 Different colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and fluorescent yellow
Size (LW): 29.7 x 21 cm/ 11.7 x 8.3 inches
Quantity: 14 pieces

Package includes:
2 x Red gel filter
2 x Yellow gel filter
2 x Green gel filter
2 x Blue gel filter
2 x Purple gel filter
2 x Pink gel filter
2 x Fluorescent yellow gel filter

Please do not put the filters near the light which is on, or it will be melted.
Please keep away from fire.
Heat given off by the flash will increase for the long time work, easily making the color gel out of shape or melt when the temperature reach 60 ℃ above.
£ 25.45
'Compression Thigh Sports Bandage for more oxygen at the same time more muscle performance - -The compression performance sport bandage for the thigh with compression effect, encourage the blood circulation and shading the end of the lens to protect the Oxygen supply of your muscles. The result: less muscle vibration, more powerful muscles, the better regenerate, fast heating and therefore easy from injury are locked up safe and sound. - Quality, hard-wearing and durable quality for daily use. - Bauerfeind has been developed decades Bauerfeind Highly effective care of Medizinsche pick tool and Elite level players about the foundation of German sports aid and at Olympia. These two expertise panel construction is now a new product line is designed to help sports activities. "Our products are designed to help you." From design, new product development, through to production, processes and controls are, Bauerfeind Great importance on the "Made in Germany quality warranty.
£ 70.07
Sanex Dermo Moisturising foam bath with dermo oils which helps maintain the natural moisture of the skin. Suitable for normal to dry skin it delivers Dermo Active 3 for moisturisation, protection and pH balance. This pack contains 2 x 500 ml bottles.
£ 21.22
Bringing comfort, suppleness and soothing, the in-depth nutri-reconstituting cream La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense 50ml suit dry to very dry skin. Paraben-free, thanks to its MP-lipids innovation, this ultra-fine cream allow to restore its freedom of expression and its suppler to the skin, intensily reconstituting superior layers of the epidermis. Comforted and soothed, skin is relieved of painful sensations such as: tightness, tingling, stinging.
£ 22.82
deleyCON PREMIUM SAT Antenna Cable

Using the high quality deleyCON SAT Antenna Cable, you are able to connect things like your satellite receiver set / television set with your land line or satellite connection.
The precisely fitting connector (F-type connector with internal threading) with gold-plated contacts ensures a perfect connection with optimal transmission quality.

Phenomenal quality
The deleyCON PREMIUM SAT Antenna Cable was manufactured according to the most recent technological standards.
They are equipped with highly conductive, gold-plated connector contacts which ensure a phenomenal, lossless data transmission.
The high quality workmanship OFC copper cable have high density, multi-layered shielding that eliminates virtually all disturbances and interferences. (Shielding capability >100dB)

Technological specifications
The cables are in accordance with current standards of 4K / UltraHD / 1080p / FullHD / HDTV and provide an outstanding transmission quality. (with the corresponding HD-receiver)
The precisely fitting, gold-plated F-type connectors, with internal threading, are made from metal, meaning they carry an outstanding, lossless transmission quality and are durable.

Design & Innovation
The connector contacts and threading are manufactured in gold-plated metal.
The cable is a versatile premium cable, and is easy to install.
The connector and cable combine to form a very stable unit, meaning loose connections are a thing of the past.

deleyCON PREMIUM SAT Antenna Cables are compatible with all devices equipped with a F-Type port (coaxial connection)
This includes among others: television sets, SAT and satellite receivers and many more.
£ 32.01
Its Beer OClock! Finally a beer that you can take in the shower with you! Get yourself in a lager lather with this brilliant Beer Shower Gel. Presented in a styled beer bottle containing 300ml of great smelling amber nectar, it includes a handy stopper to ensure you don't spill any unnecessarily, as well as a handy cord to hang it in the shower. The Beer Shower Gel is full bodied, light, very smooth with fresh undertones and will ensure you have a refreshing start or end to the day! Please wash responsibly!
£ 14.95

Note: Camera Not Included!

(1)52mm Filter Kit (UV, CPL, FLD, ND2, ND4, ND8):

UV filters reduce haze and improve contrast by minimizing the amount of ultraviolet light. Especially useful in areas of high altitude or snow, eliminating the undesirable blue cast.

CPL filters take richer scenic shots and notice improved clarity in distant objects by cutting through haze and increasing color saturation. FLD filters allow for shooting under fluorescent lighting. Bring warm natural lighting to rooms.

ND filters(ND2, ND4, ND8) reduce the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color. Can be used to enable slower shutter speeds. Also can be used to better separate subjects from the background by allowing wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field. Great for portraiture and outdoor scenes. Double threaded allowing additional filters or accessories to be mounted one over the other.

(1)52mm Tulip Lens Hood:

Professional tulip shape(also known as 'flower' or 'petal' shape) design allows for greater versatility.

Stop light coming into the lens at extreme angles and being reflected inside the lens.

(1)52mm Center Pinch Lens Cap:

Fit any lens with a 52mm filter thread manual or autofocus, digital or film.

Easy to use. Quickly attach to the front of your camera lens.

Made of high impact plastic for extra durability.

Protect your delicate lens from dust, dirt, and scratches.

(1)Cap Keeper Leash:

Lightweight and durable. Purchase one for all your lens caps and never lose a cap again!

(1)Filter Carrying Pouch

The filter carrying pouch was designed to hold and protect filters with or without their protective cases.

Box Contains

1x 52MM Filter Kit (UV, CPL, FLD, ND2, ND4, ND8)

1x Tulip Lens Hood

1x Center Pinch Lens Cap

1x Cap Keeper Leash

1x Filter Carrying Pouch

£ 24.14
Set of 6 Ex-Pro Graduated Coloured filters for any 55mm Lens type. Double threaded to allow use inconjunction with other filter types eg CPL/UV etc.. Includes Nylon folding filter wallet to keep lens clean and safe. Graduated coloured filters allow for transformation of your images with stunning effects or increasing contrasts where required. Designed for wide lenses, the color gradually tapers off and blends subtly into the image these lenses often used to enhance sunsets and skylines they can create a moody visual atmosphere.
What's in the box ?

1 x Ex-Pro 6 Graduated Coloured filters for any 55mm Lens type.
1 x Ex-Pro Fold Away lens case (RRP £5.47).

Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "Ø" (diameter) symbol. For example: Ø58 = 58mm lens thread size.
£ 24.11
Oily Rag Clothing are multi award winning bike builders building cool machines in a cramped garage like many others in the UK and around the globe. This quality screen printed T shirt can be as cool to wear in one of those garages or as part of your Sunday best.
£ 37.26
This efficient cleansing gel is enriched with DeadSea minerals and soothing plant extracts. AHAVA's energizing formula cleanses without drying leaving skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.
£ 22.31

PLEASE NOTE: Lens NOT Included!


Neewer 67MM IR720 / IR760 / IR850 / IR950 Infrared Filters are designed to allow infrared radiation through but block all visible light up to 720nm / 760nm / 850nm / 950nm for photographing subjects and details that are not normally visible.

Perfect for:

1.Archaeology, Military, Police, Medical science, and detective work. Infrared filter allow normally invisible stains and modified items visible.

2.Plant vegetation & Landscape photography. It looks dramatically different when photographed in Infrared.

3.Photographic special effects.Infrared filters give photographer expressive and unusual effects.


720nm for indoor and weak light use.

760nm for cloudy outdoor at nightfall and brightness indoor.

850nm for indoor and weak cloudy outdoor light.

950nm for outdoor and strong light,such as summer time.


Filter Type: Infrared Filter

Material: Optical Glass & Aluminum Alloy

Diameter: 67mm

Compatibility: Any camera which lens thread is 67mm, such as CANON REBEL (T5i T4i T2i), EOS (700D 650D 550D 70D 60D 7D) DSLR Cameras with the 18-135mm EF-S IS STM zoom Lenst and NIKON D7100 D7000 D5300 D5200 D5100 D5000 D3200 3100 D3000 DSLR Cameras with a 18-140mm or a 18-105mm zoom Lens

Package Contents:

1*67mm IR720 Infrared Filter

1*67mm IR760 Infrared Filter

1*67mm IR850 Infrared Filter

1*67mm IR950 Infrared Filter

1*Carrying Pouch

£ 45.14
Suits: Canon EOS-1D, EOS-5D, EOS-7D, EOS-50D, EOS-60D, EOS-500D, EOS-550D, EOS-600D, EOS-1100D, Ixus 100 is, 110 is, 115 HS, 130, 200 HS, 210 HS, 240 HS, 255 HS, 510 HS, SX160 IS, SX270 HS, SX280 HS, 300 HS, 310 HS, 990 is, 1000 HS, PowerShot ELPH 100 HS / 110 HS / 320 HS / 500 HS / 520 HS / 530 HS, Powershot D20, G1X, G11, G12, G15, G16, S90, S95, S100, S110, SD780 is, SD940 is, SD960 is, SD970 is, SD980 is, SD1400 is, SD3500 is, SD4000 is, SD4500 is, SX1 is, SX20 is, SX30 is, SX120 is, SX160 is, SX200 is, SX210 is, SX500 is, SX40 HS, SX50 HS, SX220 HS, SX230 HS, SX260 HS, SX270 HS, SX510 HS, Rebel EF-S, T1i &T2i Digital Camera etc
£ 14.90
Arena Bywayx swimming trunks bathing suit
2 pockets and drawstring waist, mesh inner
Embroidered logo Arena on left side
Quality: 100% polyamide
Model: 40494
£ 32.84
HDMI Cable HQ Ultra HD - most recent technology for best image quality.

- 3D and Network capable
- Full HD resolution 2160p(4096 × 2160 Pixel @ 30 Hz)
- Latest TV-Technologies / for OLED Displays with 4k resolution
- Supports x. v. Color and Deep Color
- multiple shielding (shielding)
- ARC and CEC technology
- gold plated contacts
- Perfectly shielded for the best image quality
- Optimized to the latest HDMI ® standard
- Backward compatible with earlier HDMI ® standards
- ideal for 3D-capable devices, Full HD receivers, HDTV & PC Systems

The high quality processing of this cable meets the highest professional standards.
Optimal signal transfer is the basis for brilliant HD picture quality - this high-end cable is a guarantee for it.

The integrated network function of the cable allows you to control your network-compatible devices
such as TV, HD recorder or Blu-ray player without an additional LAN cable.

Enjoy great entertainment in your home cinema evenings or immerse yourself in realistic 3D gaming worlds.
This HQ HDMI cable supports crystal clear multimedia applications and offers unique HD entertainment
experience thanks to an excellent video and audio quality.
£ 24.14
Brand: Xact | Style: Polo Shirts | Neckline: Button Down | Sleeve Type: Long Sleeve | Fit: Fashion Fit | Pattern: No Pattern | Material: Cotton Blend | Garment Care: Machine Washable |
£ 24.14
Men's Tank Top made out of cotton / modal
HERMKO 16000 pack of 5 mens vests -  cotton / modal
5 pieces
fine ribbed 50% cotton + 50% modal
Care instructions
Machine washable: whites and colours cycle 60 °C
suitable for tumbler drying
Product information
This article is made of 50% European cotton and 50% Lenzing Modal®. The Modal fibres used have been obtained from European beech wood and are therefore of natural origin.
This fabric combination has the following features:
pleasantly soft to the touch
silky sheen
vibrant colours
We work with fabrics weighing around 190 g/m².
Despite treatment to prevent shrinkage, this product could shrink up to 5% in the length and width.
Our fabrics are knitted, dyed and bleached in Germany. For further information on our production, please see the following pages.
All articles produced by us, including this one, are certified in accordance with the strict guidelines of OEKO-TEX® standard 100. Our products are regularly checked by the Hohenstein Institute for harmful substances to confirm their skin tolerance.
Underwear direct from the manufacturer
 on the foothills of the Swabian Alb
Quality for over 55 years
* * * HERMKO - Underwear to fall in love with * * *
£ 44.82
Precision built from cast and machined components the DM3025, the smallest in the range, is hardly bigger than a conventional mechanical micrometer. It is equipped with a ratchet drive for repeatable measurement pressure and accuracy and is also sealed to IP54 standard offering protection from liquids and dust. Supplied with Batteries, a Case, a Ball Anvil Adapter, and 12 months warranty and technical support from a trusted metrology supplier. VAT is included in the sale price and a VAT invoice can be supplied.
£ 85.82
Filter Effects:Circular polarizer, Filter Material:Glass, Intended for:Camera, camcorder / colour film, black & white film, Coating:Multi-coated, Carrying Case:Protective cover
£ 28.36